Raindrop23 (Fan Art Portfolio) Dawn on the Second Day

Dawn on the Second Day
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This year's Gold Seal winner...! Looks great in high res. :)

For this piece... I have mixed feelings. I wish I could've done more work on it before I submitted it to VASE, because it doesn't feel finished yet. But, people went positively gaga over it, so I'm going to halt any further tweaking; the flaws help build the overall character of the piece, and I want to keep its original integrity. :) It didn't turn out how I wanted it to, but it took a different, equally measurable path. I suppose I'm satisfied.

The story behind this would take a million years to explain. However, I have a whole animation sequence built around the song that I would some day like to animate, if ever possible.. Basically, a whole city is swallowed up by a sweeping and torrential flood, leaving even the skyscrapers under miles of water. While the people fret over what will happen to them as the water is rising, they begin to realize the true beauty of life and pray for a miracle. Lo and behold, when they are submerged under the ocean, the citygoers have found that they can breathe in the water; instead of drowning in sorrow and self-pity, they begin life anew as the City Under the Ocean.

Pretty crappy writing, but at least you guys get the gist of it. If I had any talent in animation, I'd start storyboarding right now; since I don't, this picture was the least I could do. Hope you guys enjoy!

Innumerable hours.
Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean - Explosions in the Sky.

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WOW guys, 45 hugs and 37 favs?!?! You people are very silly indeed, but thanks so much nonetheless!!! :)))

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