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scarlet wings
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um....i get lazy on redoing the lineart so i just left it pencil >.< - that and i really tend to make it 10x worse when i do so i betta leave that alone ^^'

um didnt really know wat to draw for vacuumology coz she said she wanted something amazing = TT^TT = !!! the pressure yeah i know considering wat her art ALWAYS like - AMAZING.

so i basically drew wat i like to draw - wings, fabric, dragon scales, - damnit why didnt i draw a guy O_o? althoooooo - i did try to make it sexy since i know how much of a perv u sometimes are vaccumology ;P again why didnt i draw a guy? ^^'
and colour scheme i figured i'd use a mixture of cool and warm since vacuumology seems to like those so much in her pics
hope u like it
ps - i've run back to falsedelusion since she's now finished their exams =D
and so i hand u back to all your other admiring fans/elopees/lovers/kidnapped victims/
our affair was short - but u'll always have a small place in my heart =D

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