monochromexii (Fan Art Portfolio) WIP- Neo Mew Thesis cover art

WIP- Neo Mew Thesis cover art
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Don't worry, the markings in red wont be included in the Finished product :|

This may or may not be scrapped later.

Download to get what little detail there is in this line-art!


Well, at least this is a start to 'Neo Mew Thesis'. Got the first cover page down. Oh, don't worry, I'm working on the storyboard simultaneously! :D

but anywhoo, I just wanted to give a little preview of it, because it's taking me A VERY UNNATURAL AMOUNT OF TIME JUST TO COLOR THIS THING. I can't get the right hues and tones down :/

I know this isn't my normal style, but I attempted to do a more animu style, as it is a doujinshi, after all. I think I failed a little. I tried to make it look like Ergo Proxy or Wolf's Rain. This aint' anywhere near tokyo mew mew D:

Well, I hope you still look forward to Neo Mew Thesis!

Critiques are appreciated and very much encouraged!

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Art
, cover, manga, manga cover, mew, mew mew, neo, neo mew thesis, sci-fi, science, science fiction, title, tokyo mew mew, volume, wip
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