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Twoey's Children

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted fan art here... Yesterday during a field trip, I created more than 20 new OC's ._.' Amazing, right? Anyway, out of those 21 OC's, four of them are man-eating flytraps plants that are the children of The Audrey 2. I dreamed about another one last night and one more in my head. So here, I drew the six flytrap siblings from Oldest (First Born) to youngest (Last Born). I'll tell you each about them :3

I'll tell you the info starting from the first FlyTrap OC I came up with to the last:

1.) Aoi Uchiha "The Blue Rose"~
Gender: Female
Personality: Care-free and Curious
Details: Aoi (Meaning Blue in Japanese) is the first FlyTrap OC that I created and the Third Born to Twoey. She is Twoey's favorite daughter and is the daughter of Deiara Uchiha (Cate's OC). I created her since Deiara said she wanted a child of her own and I thought there should be more children involved. Also I wanted to state how Twoey gives birth. Although Twoey proclaims to be a male, he is actually a hermaphrodite (meaning he has girl and boy body parts which I would not go into detail). When he eats too much of the same blood, Twoey gives birth to little flytraps (thus Aoi and her siblings are born). Not only does Aoi have a flytrap and human form, but she also has a rose form as well. Aoi is very like-able and cheerful. Like all her siblings, Aoi drinks blood. She now lives with Deiara Uchiha.

2.) Soxer "The Wanna-be Guitarist"~
Gender: Male
Personality: Loud and Random
Details: Soxer (Pronounced "Soccer") is the second FlyTrap OC that I created and the youngest of Twoey's children. I based his plant form off of the Off-BroadWay Version of Audrey II. His "mother" is unknown. I created him on my field trip after I have watched a funny flash of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Simply, I had this daydream about the Original Ending of Little Shop of Horrors (The one when giant plants take over the world and destroy New York City). Anyway, in my daydream, I imagined Organization XIII going on vacation and they ended up there. One of them named Rumax (My new Kingdom Hearts OC) sees the descruction, so he goes to get one of the plants:
*Near the Brooklyn Bridge*
Rumax: Hey you! Girl! *points to Jess*
Jess: *points to herself* Me?
Rumax: Yeah, do you know where I can get one of them "strange and interesting" plants?
Jess: Why do you want one? You see them eating people and destroying things...
Rumax: *evil smirks* I have my reasons... *imagines feeding Zexion, Xenmas, and Saix to an Audrey 2 plant*
Jess: Okay? I dunno...
Rumax: I'll give you $1,000... *holds up money*
Jess: *changes mind* Awesome! :D *gives a small, yellow flytrap to Rumax* Here's your own man-eating plant.
Rumax: *pays for plant and leaves* Cool! *talks to his plant* I'm going to call you... Soxer! :D
Thus, Soxer was born. I based off Soxer's human form from Demyx. Like the nobody, Soxer says "Dude" and he plays the guitar. He also rides with his skateboard and creates songs. He is cool and ready to face the extreme. Like all his siblings, Soxer drinks blood. Although he visits his family from time to time, he now hangsout with my Kingdom Hearts OC, Rumax.

3.) Squadd "The Crow's Pumpkin"~
Gender: Male
Personality: Playful and Funny
Details: Squadd (Was originally named Squash, but the name was so obvious) is the third flytrap I created and the Second born child of Twoey. His "mother" is unknown. I based off Squadd of a pumpkin and his human form looks like Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Since Twoey sometimes goes to Halloween Town, he took all of his children there. Squadd decides to stay in Halloween Town so he can be sold to someone. He is bought by Charlie the Crow Hybrid and he became one of my new Nightmare Before Christmas OC's. He likes to prank Sam the Scarecrow a lot and working as a team. Squadd is a team player and is somewhat childish. Like all of his siblings, Squadd drinks blood. He now lives with Charlie, Scream, Mirror, and Darkness the Raven.

4.) Violet "The Shy Goth"~
Gender: Female
Personality: Apathetic and Emo
Details: Violet (was originally a boy, but I re-vamped) is the 4th FlyTrap I created and the 4th born to Twoey. I based her off of Alison from the movie, The Breakfast Club. I made her all goth and emo because slitting wrists would always be an option for her. What's special about Violet is that she looks like Jess. Since Jess feeds Audrey 2 a lot of her blood, Violet has Jess's DNA in it. That doesn't mean that Violet is Jess's daughter. It means simply that Violet is one of Hotaru's demons that Hotaru can transform into since Hotaru is Jess's and Taro's son. Unlike her father, all of Violet's leaves are white. Violet is sad, shy, but would like to make friends. Like all of her siblings, Violet drinks blood. She now lives with Hotaru Chikumo.

5.) Vinnie "The Sticky-Note Eater"~
Gender: Male
Personality: Smooth and Friendly
Details: Vinnie (My favorite flytrap :3) is the 5th FlyTrap I created and the Oldest of Twoey's children. He looks like his father in plant form but with white polka dots on it. His human form looks like Zexion from Kingdom Hearts, but with white hair. I actually dreamed about Vinnie last night (which was pretty spooky O_o'). In my dream, I was asked by one of my friends to take care of her pets while she was away. One of her pets was a living flytrap toy (it was made with paperclips and a black plastic straw -_-'). Instead of blood or flies, the flytrap would only eat sticky notes or colored pieces of paper (yes, I have weird dreams). She told me to only feed it yellow and pink sticky notes. Other colors, such as blue, red, or purple, would be bad for the flytrap. Once she left, I fed the flytrap sticky notes. Overtime, the flytrap grew and transformed into a REAL thick plant and it actually said "Feed Me" in my dream. I accidently fed it red and purple sticky notes, so it grew very big, gigantic and vicious. When I woke up, I decided that the flytrap's name would be Vinnie. Remember, this OC was all created in my dream. Vinnie (based on my dream) is very friendly and always hungry (but he doesn't gain weight). He likes to be a leader and grow up a lot. Unlike his siblings, Vinnie would mostly eat sticky notes or pieces of colored paper (don't ask; it was my dream). When he grows big enough, then he would eat blood and flesh. He now lives with Jess of the Sand and with me.

6.) Trix "The Black Ace"~
Gender: Female
Personality: Sassy and Feisty
Details: Trix (named after my favorite breakfast cereal) is the last FlyTrap OC that I created and the 5th born to Twoey. She is very different from her siblings since she is the only child who has black skin. I just created her for the heck of it. I based her off of my OC Akane (*shudders*). Trix is very helpful and sensitive. She likes hiphop and dissing people. Like her siblings, Trix drinks blood. She now lives with her father, Twoey.

That's all of my new flytrap OC's.

See ya.

Vinnie, Squadd, Violet, Trix, and Soxer are all my characters.
Aoi belongs to both Cate (DeidaraNarutoClan) and I.


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