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This is the main character to my ((hopefully)) new fan comic Toxic/Alice/Cryptic Alice. I haven't decided on the name yet... since I have three different possible covers...

Alice is an orphan in London, she was found by the officials when she was wandering the streets when she was only 6, she didn't know her name, so they called her Alice.

She listened to a local band named Toxic, and she started cutting herself.

One day when she decided to go the back way to her "house" she ran into Cryptic, the lead singer of Toxic. She had a total fan moment, since he was the most liked member of the band, he was sitting out in the rain at the moment, and she asked why. He gave her a smart remark and she laughed, and when he noticed the cutting scars on her wrist he grabbed it and looked at it more careful. He hated that a young girl such as her was feeling enough pain to cut himself as he would sometimes do.

From then on, they would meet each other at times, and when she turned 16, he asked her to join Toxic, and she turned out to be a pretty good screamer. She became really great friends with the bass player Natalie, and discovered that on stage, Cryptic was a fun loving, awesome guy... but off...? He was a total douche!


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alice, band, betrayal, comedy, cryptic, drama, felix, heartbreak, insanity, london, love, metal, natalie, orphan, rock, screamo, singer, toxic, z
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