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Otaku Battle Royal: Reeni
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So here is my entry for the "Otaku Battle Royal contest" held by :yourstruley:

I decided Id try. I actually did something similar like this when I was in higschool for my... forgot what class but we had to make our selves as superheroes that had to do with our future careers.

anyways... my Otaku Battle royal character is... ME XD

I dressed my self in my normal casual clothes cause I like to be comfy and stylin. XD And when ones in a extreme battle what better way to be dressed. no armor but thats why I have my Legend of zelda Hearts to replenish my strength XD I also have some awesome weaponry.

Inking pen on my back acts as an actual pen and sprays ink like peper spray at my enemys (That's my purse I don't know you!)
Mega Mecha Pencil acts as a missle rocket launcer also as an actual pencil for when I need to quickly draw access characters to back me up in a fight. *pop pop pop* up come My Oc's Yume, Pandora, Reese and Miyu.

Mouse with laser bottom, acts as a stunner. and good for drawing on the computer XD

Thing I like and use

I love drawing my Oc's I love creating stories for my characters. Each character has thier own story and uniquness to them. I like drawing characters from shows and manga's but Oc's are special to me cause they're character I created with my own imagination.

to draw and create wrks I use: Computer paper, mechanical pencils, Inking pens 01 and 005 points. The computer I still use ms paints in the accesories in the start menu. if you have windows.

The fat cat... That's milo my cat. He's usually with me in my bed when Im having my big ideas late at night XD :He squashes people with his fat:

I may do more but not sure. Well I do hope you enjoy and check out the contest.

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