alpacatard (Fan Art Portfolio) pokemon rocks your socks .

pokemon rocks your socks .
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IS THIS HOT OR WHAT?? LOL bookreport from like the third grade or something :D


As Slowking the pink Pokemon with a Shellder on it's head sat and read the prophecy, he knew something BAD was going to happen. Meanwhile Ash, who has very messy hair and a red cap, is in the Orange Islands running some errands for Proffeser Oak. After finishing, Ash and his two friends, Brock who specializes in rock Pokemon, and Mistywho loves water Pokemon stop by at the festival. Not too far from the Orange Islands, a man is planning to steal the three legendary bird pokemon, Moltres the fire pokemon, articuno the ice pokemon, and Zapdos the thunder pokemon so he could find the ultimate Pokemon, Lugia. At the festival Ash and his friends learn about the prophecy.

A girl named Molly with black sunglasses and red hair asks ash if he could find the three orbs for the festival. So Ash and his friends, his Pikachu the electric mouse pokemon, go to the fir Island. While at Fire Island , Lawrence III the pokemon theif steals Moltres! Ash gets the orb and gets ready to go back when Lawrence III accidentaly gets him and his friends too! Lawrence III lets them go while heès gone so they can free him. (WTF..) Before catching Moltres, Lawrence already caught Articuno. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, the bulb pokemon, and charizard, the fire pokemon, to help free Moltres. Brock sends out onix, the snake pokemon, and Misty send out Staryu, the starfish pokemon. Eventualy they free moltres which frees articuno.

Moltres and articuno fly out and start randomly attacking Lawrencesè ship! (LOL) Ash hurrys to Ice Island and gets the orb and goe to Lightning Island. Officer Jenny, Molly, and Tracey, another one of Ashès friends, get worried and go to lightning island and go find the orb. At lightning island, they meet up with Team Rocket (the BAD guys)."To unite the world from devestation, to unite all peoples within the nation. Jessie, James, and Meowth too! Surrender now, or prepare to fight,fight,fight!!!" they said. James is a blue haired man, Jessie the red head, and Meowth the cat pokemon. Ash quickly shoved them out of the way. The weather was acting very strangely (Meowth could speak ENGLISH!) LOL.

Ash dosnèt get the orb, but articuno, moltres, and zapdos start fighting. Suddenly, Lugia the flying pokemon appears!"Well be back!"yells team rocket.Ash gets to the temple and the world is saved and the pokemon stop fighting.

Awesome ending, i know. I was such a genious back then.

Pokemon Fan Art
alpacatard, articuno, lol, lugia, moltres, pokemon, zapdos
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