Kozume Yumashi (Fan Art Portfolio) TF OC: Push Rod

TF OC: Push Rod

~Push Rod

Autobot medic and father to Nellitron, Black Viper, and Ambroid.

Aside from being a medic, he's also an inventor, and is responsible for the creation of Liquibots Gravy and Yamaguchi. No one knows much about his past or who he used to be prior to becoming an Autobot, and despite his appearances, some believe him to be older than both Ratchet and Ironhide.

He doesn't stay with the other Autobots and hardly, if ever, has anything to do with them. He instead takes up residence at a secluded base along with his children and anyone else in their group.

He has an alt. mode but hardly ever uses it, so most aren't sure what it is. Fore a medic, Push Rod is an excellent fighter and often can find ways to overcome even the toughest opponents. Abilities include manipulation of electricity, the use of sound as a weapon, and super speed. He's also a master swordsman and a good shot, but he rarely demonstrates his abilities due to hardly ever being in a direct battle.

Because his hearing is so sensitive, he constantly wears a pair of headphones to filter out most of the unwanted sound. Before joining the Autobots, he went by the name of High Pitch, changing it only shortly before joining up with the faction. He's also been through two full body upgrades, throwing people off further about his age.

Push Rod is self-sustaining. He has a built in energon converter that transforms some of the energy from his electric generator into a synthetic energon, eliminating the need for refueling.

Personality-wise, he's pretty laid back, has a sense of humor, and is willing to lend help and advice when needed. Despite the other occupants of the base constantly getting into some form of trouble and keeping him on his toes with frequent visits to the medbay, he also seems stress free. This does not mean he's immune to getting angry. Other mechs have ended up completely fried, and on more than one occasion, even had their heads explode due to overwhelming sound waves.

Family is sacred. Anyone that messes with anyone he deems a member is just asking for a death wish.

Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara.

All OCs and original ideas (c) mine.

Transformers Fan Art
autobot, medic, original character, push rod, transformers
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