Wakusei Aoshi (Fan Art Portfolio) 2nd Place Prize: Imouto chan

2nd Place Prize: Imouto chan
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This is for imouto chan who won second place prize in my challenge: J-pop Fashion.

She asked me to draw Kylria from Phantasy Star (Is there an Online at the end of it?). But I feel like I've failed...

She has SUCH a pretty and soft face, but I made it look rough and cruel!! TT^TT I failed at her face...TT^TT

This was really fun, besides the fact that I had to look at what I had done to the face for so long! TT^TT

I used some reference picture of some human model thing...I'd put a link to it....but I have no clue where to find it...O.o It's one of those things where you are looking for a certain picture so you type in a TON of random things on google, go through like 7 pages, and then you finally find it in a random place...So I have no clue what I did to find it...O.o

I'm not sure who skirts flow when they're on your knee like that, so it looks really weird...O.o

I think I got a TON of things wrong with her design, but I really couldn't find any full body pictures of her...so I made up some things...>.> Like the arm piece, I couldn't tell what it was....O.o

Done on Easy Paint Tool SAI.

Enjoy! ^ ^

I hope you like it imouto chan! ^ ^

Phantasy Star Fan Art
imouto chan, kylria
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