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Fair Trade
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It's only fair, right? You killed thousands of them, and you're only one human... That sounds like a fair trade, right? I'll take your life to make up for all of theirs...

Creeper Jamal here. My KH OC...
If I ever wrote a comic about him, this would be a part in the story when he's talking to some manager of some construction company... or something.
When Jamal says "you killed thousands of them", he means the plants in the forest. The construction people tore down a lot of the plants and trees and stuff to make buildings, and Jamal is mad. :D
I'd tell you what happens next, but it's a seeecret~ o3o Yeah.

Okay, I know Jamal's skin tone keeps changing color. D: I haven't completely figured out exactly how I want his skin to look.

I tried to make the shading in this picture really exaggerated, with dark shadows and light shines. o3o I originally wanted it to look like a light was shining on him (straight-on), but I obviously didn't succeed. xD Oh well. It looks fine like this. o3o

Oh, and I darkened it on gimp. Yeah.

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
crazed, creepy, dilag, eh, fair trade, fan character, jamal, jamal dilag, kh oc, kingdom hearts oc, plants, stuff
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