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Cloud, Ayumi and Zack
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free sketch request for being one of the 5 to comment on my one journal from a few months ago on dA if you remember, sorry for the wait~ XD I know I should post this on dA isntead of here, but I prefer posting oc art here for some reason・∀・
SO ANYWAYZ, IT IS SPRING BREAK AT LAST~<3333333333!! >//ω//<
So you know what I'm gonna be doing this week, draw my hands off~ >:D
btw, I saw the newest gameplay/ trailer of FFXIII, I don't like Lightning anymore, she's cold and viscious D: but she still kicks butt. =P AND THE GAMEPLAY AND CG QUALITY IS KLIHLKDGJHGDJSKJSBDfaehfkjaefnaljnghhnFudge If I ever own PS3 or XBOX 360 and play that game, I'm probably gonna be too distracted with the amazing graphics to pay any attention to the plot XD
this is my 1st time drawing Zack btw, hopefully he looks ok? (´・ω・`)

Ayumi © XKingdomxKiyomiX
Cloud & Zack © SQUARE ENIX

-drawn in 0.7 mechanical pencil

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art
ayumi, cloud, zack
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