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Thor Kline

Well, here's my submisson. This is adult Thor Kline from Jyu-Oh-Sei. Nobody I know of watches this anime, so I figured he would be a good one to do.

I can't tell you much about Thor, because it will compleatly ruin the anime with spoilers, but basicly as a little kid, he and his brother get kidnapped and dropped on this planet full of carnivorous planets. They find out that it is a dumping ground for the universe's criminals. Thor survives and grows up on this planet (Chimeara) and the rest is spoilers, so I won't say anything.

What I love about this character is his humanity which he retains thru-out his life in a place where its kill or be killed. He hates blood shed and death, is gentle and kind, very diplomatic and even has a little bit of humor. Thor is very smart and brought many inventions to the area he lived in, like air conditioning and water storage. All in all, to me he is a very like-able character, not to mention not to bad looking.

Here is the link, as requested, to the photo I used for a referance.


Well, I hope this meets all of the requirments...I know the writing part wasn't all that great, but its hard to tell about him without giving out spoilers >.<


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