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This is frowbling's request, Coby! I hope you guys can see that though... He really has come far from being that wimpy pansy at the beginning of the series.

If you are thinking that this is a shot from Coby at Marine Lobby about to take a punch at Luffy I suggest you look at his forehead for a second...frowbling asked me to draw Coby when he got his scar and so I drew him right after it happening. I have NO idea how he got it, for I do not have Oda's brain but the least I could do was show him bleeding and maybe catch a bit of the fight he got it from (though maybe it wasn't a fight). Of course this is probably not at all what it looked like.

Unfortunately I do not think this turned out so well, I made numerous mistakes, especially his zipper which looks ten times better on the original paper and it doesn't help that I have no idea what I'm doing on the coloring. Then his pose really gets me, it sucks, it does not look like an action shot at all. Then his hands...those took me FOREVER, I was literally posing in front of a mirror and sketching it on paper, going back and forth... I guess they turned out alright but the shading didn't come out very well.

Well, I hope you like it frowbing, and to those of you who made requests to me I will give you the news when I have a good solid sketch from them, in fact the only reason that this one got done first was because it was the easiest for me.

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