smartanimegirl (Fan Art Portfolio) .:Kamen ft. Ike & Insung:.

.:Kamen ft. Ike & Insung:.
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You don't want to know how hard it was to color this one. @[email protected]

Anyway, inspired from my new addiction of a song.
"Kamen" - Tackey & Tsubasa.
Hence why this piece is called "Kamen."

So yeah, listening to this song, the only two I could draw for this were THESE TWO.
Ike Katayama and Insung Lee. (Hah, my top two boys. x3)
Funny, they're both now tied 1st on the Boys' Side of the Popularity list. XD


So Ike and Insung...possibly hosting a masquerade party. xD
IDK, I only know few of the translations to the lyrics. (I couldn't find the actual translation. Dx)
And what good is a masquerade lest you have your kamen (mask) and maybe a cape? xD
Somehow when I finished with only their suits, it looked boring so I added the cape and now it looks much better.

OH YEAH, LOL SEUNG. You're not wearing anything "informal" for once. xD
Ike-kun's always formal so no comment. X:
(Seung: Actually, no. My leg's just blocking off where my jacket's unbuttoned...
Ike: Pfft. Hah.)

CAPES~! Yeah, it'd be a laugh if the colors matched.
I was originally going to put them both grey. D:
But, then I was like, "...No, they're different. NOT twins."
So yeah, red for Ike. Blue for Seung.
Seung's would have had yellow (hence his Arashi uniform), but I liked the blue better.

The background, OMG THE BACKGROUND.
I made it look like it's outer space or the nebula or something. @[email protected]
I don't know what I did exactly. I used Blur, Dodge, and Burn all together very many times. Oh, and Color Balance.
Nonetheless, I really LOVE how it came out.


Yeah, thanks to the Audacity, I've changed Tackey & Tsubasa's voices to sound more accurate to Ike and Insung's. P:


The way I see these two behaving with one another would be like brothers...
Anyway, it's also a laugh to me because their birthdays are also 5 days apart. (Ike's oldest.)
This picture was also a help of inspiration for the laughs from Nii Jyeni.

Heh, before you know it, there's going to be a picture coming up of them both bugging their short, red-headed bumhead, drummer boy Simon.


Time of Work: 9-10 hours
Tools: MOUSE and Adobe Photoshop CS3

Inspiriation of Work: Tackey & Tsubasa's "Kamen"

Ike Katayama & Insung Lee (c) Smartanimegirl

Extra brushes used (c) Celestial-Star

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
boys, ike katayama, insung lee, kamen, mask, music, pillars, song, tackey & tsubasa, two
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