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TF OC: Vahlquinn


When I was first sparked, the only thing that greeted me was the darkness. It was the only constant companion I've had all these vorns in life. It was with me when I was created and shall remain so, even in death.

"Jackjumper, sir...a list of the newest Autobots to join our ranks has arrived. Do you wish to pick up a new member for your team?"

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to acquire a forth member...I've been meaning to find a partner for Yamaguchi anyways..."

"Excellent! *pulls out a data pad from his subspace* "Here I have compiled a list of all graduating Autobots that were at the top of their class, as well as their current stats. I hope at least one of these mechs meet your requirements."

"I'm sure I'll find someone on here." *takes the list* "If not, I could always wait for the next batch." *starts scanning through the names, looking to see if any of them meet up with his standards. After a few moments of searching, his optics land on the name of one particular individual whose scores are near perfect in every category. Curious, he inquires more about this mech*

"Yo, Volcanos, what more can you tell me about this Vahlquinn, other than what's written on his stat sheet?"

"Oh sir...I don't think he'd be a very good choice..."

"Why not? He's got the best scores of anyone else on this list, so why wouldn't he make a good choice?"

"He may have the best scores, Sir, but he has too many glitches...I'm not even sure how he made it past the medical examination with all his problems, let alone even be considered as Autobot material."

"What's wrong with him?"

"Well, to begin with Sir, he's blind...his processor doesn't receive any feedback from his optics, so even though they may appear to be on, he can't see. It's a mystery how he can even perform in combat, given that he doesn't use any other methods to map out his surroundings."

"Hmmm, I see...has any of the medical staff tried to look into it?"

"Yessir, but whenever they attempted to correct the problem, it would just revert to the state it was before...that's not all. He has no empathy whatsoever for anyone or anything. He can kill without remorse and can look another mech dead in the face before terminating him without even shuttering an optic...it's frightening how emotionless this guy is...he has no regrets about anything."

"He also has a glitch in his pain receptors that prevents him from feeling most if not all pain. This mech can sustain damage that would otherwise be extremely painful for others and continues walking as if nothing ever happened. If you think about it, he has more characteristics of a mindless drone than an actual mech..."

"I have the feeling that isn't the end of it."

"No sir...it was also found out that his virus protection software hasn't been updated in ages, but his body won't allow him to download the latest updates, meaning that the minute he steps foot on any new planet, he's bound to come down with something, and it can't be speculated how serious his condition could get from an illness that would take a normal mech a few cycles to get over. In short, he'll always be the one to get sick and eventually slow his team down.

He's also a techno-organic."

"Wait...is his the case of a natural mutation or is it experimental?"

"Experimental, sir, so we have no idea what his mental state could possibly be or if his glitches are a result from his forced mutation. He could prove to be highly unpredictable...this is why I don't think he would be a good choice for your team, sir...recruiting him would be just asking for all kinds of trouble."

*smiles* "Well, if that's the case, I think I've found the mech I want."

"But wait...Sir, are you serious? Didn't you hear a word of what I just said?!"

"Of course I did...he may have his faults, but I think he'll be the perfect partner for Yamaguchi. Besides...*smirks to himself*...I always did like a challenge."


Vahlquinn's beast mode is an archeopteryx-type dino which can breathe fire and has the ability of flight. He mostly uses short swords as his primary weapons in combat, but has also been known to use a double blade, plasma guns, and a bow.

Whenever he does speak, it's usually in an emotionless, slightly echoing voice, which always seems to put others on edge.

He's recently made it to Earth along with Jackjumper, Powerhop, and his partner Yamaguchi.

Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara.

All OCs and original ideas (c) mine.

Transformers Fan Art
archeopteryx, autobot, character, dino, organic, original, techno, transformers, vahlquinn
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