Kozume Yumashi (Fan Art Portfolio) TF OC: Siphon

TF OC: Siphon


An upper class techno organic that's been an outcast for most of his life.

He was commissioned by Megatron to make state-of-the-art weaponry for the Decepticons. Because of the advantages techno-organics seemingly had over regular mechs, Megatron also ordered him to create a machine that would turn your standard mech into a super powered techno-organic.

As a result of the machine, the Demonicons were created, but because it was used prior to being complete, the Demonicons were incomplete, which also resulted in their insanity.

The same machine was used to turn his colleagues, Pyromanix and Crossbone into incomplete techno-organics, but Siphon was able to find a way to keep them from losing their minds.

Despite all his work for Megatron, he despises the mech with a passion and has been trying to find a way to get from under his thumb ever since.

Due to their failure to listen to any further demands, Megatron decided to make Siphon and his colleagues soldiers in his army, appointing Highroller as the leader of their group.

While not the best of fighters, Siphon is primarily known for draining his opponents dry of their energy without them being aware of it. He can also attack using a destructive version of echolocation. His beast mode is a bat not native to Earth.

Shortly after being reactivated on Earth, he and his teammates tried to make a break for it. Siphon chose to be the distraction while Pyromanix and Crossbone got away, but Siphon's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Their team leader, Highroller, went missing during a mission a few vorns prior.

Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara.

All OCs and original ideas (c) mine.

Transformers Fan Art
bat, character, decepticons, organic, original, siphon, techno, transformers
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