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.:Migitaka no Chou:.
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I've been meaning to draw the six of us for quite some time actually. ^.^

We actually make cosplay skit videos together and are called the "Foothill Ranch Production." Or short, FHR Pro. xD
Foothill Ranch being the majority of where we grew up or currently live in. ^_^

Ike: Obviously, we know him. Manager and music editor.
Cosplayer of Cloud (FFVII), Riku (KH, mostly), Axel (KH, often), Sasuke (Naruto, rarely), L (DeathNote)
Nadeshiko: Obviously me. Co-manager and editor.
Cosplayer of Tifa (FFVII), Roxas (KH), Kairi (KH), Sasuke (Naruto), Near (DeathNote)
Austin: Ike-kun's friend and surprisingly also his college dorm buddy.
Comedy relief and music editor. Cosplayer of Reno (FFVII), Axel (KH, mostly), Sora (KH, often), Naruto chars (varies), Light (DeathNote, often)
Erin: Our hyper-active friend who takes pills. XD An old friend of mine. Knew Austin beforehand. Comedy relief.
Cosplayer of Yuffie (FFVII), Sora (KH), Naruto (Naruto), DeathNote chars (varies)
Michael: A friend of Ike-kun's. Editor and tech support.
Doesn't cosplay much, but has a few: Light (DeathNote), Zack (FFVII),
Chloe: Our latest member and a very old friend of mine. Creates the skits.
Cosplayer of Aerith (FFVII), Namine (KH), Sakura (Naruto)


Where do we post our vids? O.O
Yeah...we have a private site so there's no way to see them freely. xD We blame Michael.
We just instead perform them at the cons we find and go to.


This was inspired from listening to "Migitaka no Chou" by the Nico Nico Chorus all the time. xD
Doesn't relate anywhere to the lyrics, but hey. We still have those butterflies over our shoulders as the title means.
Migitaka no Chou = Butterfly on Your (Right) Shoulder.

It's hard to notice, but our accessories are SHINING! Dx
They're so small, they're hardly recognizable.

Here's what everyone has:
Ike - Black Cross Choker (He actually has one of these and I thought it looked sexy on him. xD)
Nade - A necklace. (Possibly a diamond one just like how Ike-kun likes to spoils me...)
Austin - Choker with a silver tag.
Erin - Crystal choker
Chloe - Okay, this one may be hard to see, but she has a ring. :3
Michael - Tag bracelet.



Message from all (through six way phone-line): Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu! ^_^ (Great pleasure to meet you all!)


Ike & Nadeshiko (c) smartanimegirl
Austin (c) Austin Calloway
Erin (c) Erin Donovan
Michael (c) Michael Roy
Chloe (c) Chloe Malone

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