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B.t.B. - Group Chorus
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This picture took me so long to finish... -_-
I blame how the Fall Semester was ending and we had those Finals...
Then the Spring Semester began and we had it like the first day of school again.

But I'm glad to see it finally finished.


This was inspired from listening to the Nico Nico Chorus version of the popular hit song, "Meltdown" from Vocaloid, originally sung by Kagamine Rin.
Hearing the Nico Nico Chorus version made me imagine these 13 singing. XD (And the one I listen to is 14 people.)


So all the characters are basically together here...and supposedly singing to "Reactor Meltdown."
They even have headsets, which were hell to draw...

Being from this song, I tried to make them all wear the black & white color theme.
It was harder than I thought... -_-

As for the shirts, I had a lot of fun doing those.
Shirt Designs:
Jackson - The dragon. Just like his nickname. The kanji means strength.
Bastion - Simple for him in white to represent the snowy area he lives in...
Ike - Literally his casual wear. Phoenix for familiar.
Insung - Grunges for the punk he is.
Simon - Spiral grunges on him.
Charlie - Simple for him, but I was imagining him to wear something like this.
Scott - To be honest, I started slacking off on him. Eventually, I gave him the white stripes.

Roxanne - "The World Ends with You" theme... Hey, she asked for a skull. Why not from TWEWY?
Raven - Simple gothic swirls. Thought they'd look nice on her.
Mai - I like overly designed/patterned shirts.
Kyoung - Music notes for loving to listen to her favorite bands. Kanji means harmony, as in concept to music.
Sophia - I releated back to what she wears back in the days and I remembered about her cute plaid skirts...
Elizabeth - Can you say "grrl power?" IDKY, animals just spark to me whenever working on her.

Backgrounds...really got to me really badly on some of them.
...Especially the boys. Since I've done the girls before for backgrounds several times, it was new for me to do some for boys.
In the end, I just stuck with this because I thought it looked okay.


This has been used into a fanmade video with the same song.
It is now complete since March 17, 2010.

Here is the link for the video: "Burnin' the Bridge! - Reactor Meltdown"


Jackson, Bastion & Roxanne (c) Lady-Black-Jackal
Raven (c) Raven-Reaper-XIII
Ike, Mai & Insung (c) Smartanimegirl
Kyoung-Mi (c) Nii Jyeni
Sophia (c) Obscure-User02
Elizabeth (c) DuskymUsHrOoMs
Simon, Charlie & Scott (c) Lady-Black-Jackal & Smartanimegirl

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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