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Rusei Haruko
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Wow! I finally finished this! His postion was extremely hard so it took me a while to make this work.
But anyway, This is Rusei Haruko. A 16 year old flame demon. I drew him before but I changed his design, clothes, and first name. His previos name was "Ruse", but I decided to change his first name and keep his last name. So, anyway, even though he wields the powers of flames. He wares alot of black and red clothing with cross designs. So he has a dark style in his clothing. His nickname is "The Demon of Dark Flames", which is engraved on his gun he uses as a weapon. He's susposed to be leaning or sitting against some sort of edge(not really sure what ta call it). But the rest of the background is just something I put(such as the flames). He uses 2 weapons. A sword that can change form(in it's sheathe behind him laying on the surface) and a gun called "Hades". His gun does not use bullets, but infanant flames. But I drew a pic of his gun, so you'll here more about it when I submit it. I haven't colored it yet though. But I hope everyone enjoys this.

Comments, favorites, & hugs are appriciated.

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