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We're A Force To Be Reckoned With!

This is a pic I promised my very close friend Akioh. I DIDN'T FORGET YOU AKIOH<3333 I LOVE YOU! X3

But here's the full body Miyoko and Hiroki picture that I drew sometime in 09 lol. I think this one was after I came back from Florida X3 Anyhow, here's the full body X33 I finally inked it in with my ultra fine ink Sharpie and papermate pen lol =]

Nothing much to say about the pic XDD

Hiroki is in his original form [Human Forme] and he looks like a prince lawl C: And the scarf around Hiroki's neck was Miyoko's at first. She wrapped it around his neck after some incident so now he wears it always X3 Cute, no? XDD Lastly, Miyoko uses spears, yes. She is also holding Hiroki's sword while he is in midair holding her and charging an attack.

Miyoko and Hiroki (c) fire.freak(theO)/fire-freak94(dA)
Fire Emblem (c) Not me :T *too tired to look up the creator*

P.S. Long time, no see, Aki! Love you lots! Takara too X3 <3333333

Fire Emblem Fan Art
fire emblem, fire.freak, hiroki, miyoko, miyoko and hiroki, oc
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