Fire Flower (Fan Art Portfolio) Ouran High School Host Club Circus Cosplay!

Ouran High School Host Club Circus Cosplay!
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well ELLO again everyone!! Ahh... don't you just love designing outfits? this is one of my own personal designs.... i call it... circus cosplay!! Lol... a lil something for the Ouran to use.... XP just cuz i have no where else to use it... XPXP!! But i have to give some major credit to Ellen Degeneres!! She's the one who inspired me to draw this picture! Because today on her show she wore that neck thing that clowns usually wear.... so... i decided to draw it on Akira!! Lol.... then the rest of the outfit was made from there... well enjoy it!! and maybe i'll make a series off of it... sorry syd, but i don't think i'll bother making yumi's cuz it'll pretty much be the same thing... yeah i'm making it the exact same thing... XP sorry. hmn. i'll try to make one every day... here's my checklist::
yeah i think that's it... Lol... well thanks for viewing and tell me what you think of my WACKKY design!! lol... that's what i'll call these designs... WACKKY. XP alright... well i'm goin' now.... Raychelle outt!!! see yah!!
((btw..... my markers aren't the best... i'll try to touch up on paint... sorry for color disappointments!! okay... yeah paint really didn't help... but on the orange hair it did....))

Ouran High School Host Club Fan Art
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