Samedi-Mai (Fan Art Portfolio) Licht von der Schwermut

Licht von der Schwermut

I used a translator for this! It´s in German. XD The title says "Light from Sadness". I was aiming on FOCUS as well as light and shadows...and a bit of sort of plain yet "filling" feel to the whole thing! Mostly, I wanted to be "Magical" in an ordinary way. I see it magical when snow begins to fall from clouds over head! Because I live in the desert and a part where the climate isn´t good enough for snow, I feel left out when I turn on the news and watch how it snows in other areas in the US. Sure, for most of you who live in the snow, you may think it either SUCKS or ROCKS! D: I go for "IT ROCKS" because I rarely go to places and see snow! D8 So,aside from the far off topic, I believe that the smallest and greatest things in life have alot of value whether or not you agree with me. From a tiny speck of dust to the largest Mountain, anything and everthing can be applied to a canvas and paper with a pen or pencil or even a stylus that you use through a computer. If you become more aware of the world or surroundings, you can and maybe will find it even more amazing when you start drawing up something you never really found yourself doing before! The key here is don´t think to hard of you ART! If you find yourself thinking: "I can´t do it!" "I´m not a pro" "I don´t know how to do (fill in the blank)" "People won´t like it!" "I see no one favoring my artwork" "No one comments" "I hate critics (it hurts my feelings"...etc.
You will be facing yourself with undeniable obstacles in your mind and alot of unneccesary negative thoughts! (relax, ´k? take it easy! ^-^)

I got inspired alot from artist that I saw in this Mag. called ImagineFX! you guys should check it out! I highly recommend it! Sure the price may be 20 bucks at the cashier and 124.99 bucks for subscription...but the workshops and awsome tips and free brushes are worth it! 0_0 you can look around your local bookstore to see if MAYBE they have it or in Barnes and Nobles.

wow. I talk to much!

Program used: OPEN CANVAS(for the Bg) and Photoshop CS3 (character,snowflakes,and additional light)

Tools:My mind, Bamboo Fun tablet, and Stylus pen

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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