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Rei ~FUNimation
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Rei/me for PF~
Lots of things change since about 75% of her story doesn't happen LOL


Name: Fun(though I have NO idea what you guys would call me. So this may change)
OC's Name: Rei Uruhara
Age: 13(Me)/15(Rei)
Height: 5'4"(Rei)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: Heart Blades(lame name. Can someone help me think of a better name? xD)/martial arts
Abilities: She's extremely lame

Personality - Tomboy. Quiet and shy around people she doesn't know, but when you become friends, she's a crazy bitch. You won't really understand her unless ya hang with her. Teases her friends, but she does truly love them. She's reckless and when she's hurt, she usually laughs it off because she doesn't want people to worry. When annoyed or in an akward situation, she pulls her mouth into a straight line. When she's lonely, scared, nervous, or just plain cold, she'll rub her hands. Her thought process is scattered and bring her to the oddest conclusions(Example: Lick sounds like Like. 'I lick you'?. Sounds like something a FOB Asian would say. SWINE FLU.) Usually speaks before she thinks. Lazy klutz.

Loves: Friends, strange things, action, Roxas, interesting conversations, drawing, nice people
Hates: Blood, sharp things, people getting hurt, being useless, messing up, not being able to protect her friends, pervs, people who are jerks, people who rub her mistakes in her face, exercise, crowds, stupid people (like "She's Asian! Not Chinese" stupid)

+ There are no burns on her hands thus no bandages. Instead she has fingerless gloves
+ No necklace
+ No jacket(wear it when it's cold though)
+ No goggles
+ No athletic ability WHATSOEVERRR


ughhh longlonglong
sorry the propotions are all babybarf
clearly rushed through it. I even copied and pasted those blades from a really old picture OTL

Only gonna post this on the PF account to avoid confusion. XD; idk i think it may cause confusion if we put pictures here and on our account. But that's just my opinion~

btw, the scribbly thing at the bottom is my new watermark thing

Love you guys~~~


Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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