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Alex (Something Missing)
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Well see, I drew this in detention for the past five days... and it feels as though something is missing... there's much more to the drawing, like more paper I just cropped it for Otaku use. But honestly... I'm no good at backgrounds, computer generated or drawn so that's a bummer... it feels as though there should be someone else in this picture!

But let me give you a little information about this character...

She's 15 years old and lives for the moment. She doesn't do to hot at school, but that's because she doesn't like feeling pressure and doesn't like being rushed so she just doesn't try. She's actually pretty smart but no one believes her because she throws it aside at school to seem more of a fun loving person. Not that she isn't one...

She has brown hair and brown eyes and listens to Electronica music. She gets a sort of strange enjoyment out of listening to music, and truly the best part of her day, seems to be those 5 minutes walking to school where she doesn't have to be anything other than herself, and can turn up that music as loud as she wants.

She's lived a pretty troubled life, she used to be abused by her brother and shunned by her parents, her brother almost paralyzed her from the neck down when she was only 2 years old, and is still holding a grudge against him to this very day. And she now has a nephew, that she loves entirely to pieces. Her closest family has moved off to Colorado for college and she misses him dearly, the only one she actually would talk to on a regular basis on purpose.

Her favourite time of the year is just when the leaves are starting to turn colours and you can smell winter coming. And her favourite things to do is to just immerse herself in the music, and to just put a pencil to paper and let the imagination run through.

And her favourite things include: Honesty, Flowers, Music, Art, Culture, Colour, Hanging with friends, making new friends, sleeping, writing, being outside in the cold.

And though some people have only seen Alex's fun side, she is truly a very classy romantic person deep down inside her.


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