Kozume Yumashi (Fan Art Portfolio) Consequences

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Seekers slowly go mad if they are denied the sky.

Headshot's wings were taken before he even learned to fly and was often subjected to beatings and kept locked away in a small, dark room with little to no energon for orns at a time.

His father, Warzone, blamed him for the death of his sparkmate, who died while sparking the mini seeker.

Despite the madness that slowly yet constantly ate away at his mind for vorns, Headshot attended the Autobot Military Academy, leaving his father behind and regaining the ability to fly.

He made friends, graduated, and became a sniper for the Autobots. Everything seemed to be going his way. However, during a battle against the Decepticons, he was blown out of the sky from behind, and before his body fell to the ground below, he saw who his attacker was.

Warzone, with a smoking cannon and a look of pure satisfaction gracing his face. Little did he know of the consequences of such an action.

That day, madness completely took over the young mini seeker's mind.

An Autobot had fallen, but a Demonicon seeker was born, and his name would from then on be known as Death Whisper.

Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara

All OC's and original ideas (c) mine.

Transformers Fan Art
autobot, death, decepticon, demonicon, head, mini, seeker, shot, transformers, whisper
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