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Wheee~~ Here's my newest OC! :D Yay. His name is Damian. C:
Er... I was kinda lazy coloring this picture. xD I used a sketch for a lineart, which shows my laziness. xD
So yeah! This is Damian. He's my OC Dare's cousin. :O And here's his character profile...
(this contains some spoilers for my comic.... eventually.)

Name: Damian (Last name suggestions?)
Nicknames: None yet...
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Height: 5'9
Special Talent: Pointing out the obvious, musical talent (guitar)
Hobbies: Listening to music, daydreaming
Likes: Life, relaxing
Dislikes: Work
Personality: Laid-back, friendly, can sometimes be a "drama queen" (?!)
Love Interest: None (yet)
Umm... How do I start this. >_> Damian lives in London, England. He lives in a flat by himself. -3- He works at... an electronics shop, or something. It's not really very relevant where he works. Ahem... he doesn't make very much, but he manages somehow. >__>
I'm not really sure how the school system works in England, but if he was in America, Damian would've graduated from highshool and not go to college. He's very bright and got good grades, but he lacks the motivation to do things he's capable of doing.
During his free time and breaks between work, he likes to play guitar. And stuff.
Um... He's Dare's cousin. :D; Somehow. I promise, I'll post all the explaining and stuff in my world later. (So click here.)

That was a really bad character profile. xD;; It's because I didn't want to say too much about him... it would be too long.

I'll enter a better picture for the challenge eventually.

This... came out oddly humongous. Download in high resolution for a clearer picture.

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