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Little Drummer Boy
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So, anybody tired of my Metalocalypse fan art yet?
*is shot*

Anyways, I drew and inked this in my Art History class on Tuesday...Without any references...It took me a total of 55 minutes to complete the lineart. I colored it last night (Wednesday)...I'm so happy with how it turned out!! I usually can't draw a hand to save my life, but both of Pickles's hands turned out beautiful!!

Can anyone guess who's suit jacket, tie, and glasses Pickles has stolen? Hm? Teehee, this was inspired by the Season 3 Premiere, where Pickles tells Toki that it's gay to admit to sadness and missing someone. Of course, as he says this, he pulls out the golden locket (please see Pickles's neck above...) to stare at a picture of Dethklok's beloved and assumed-dead-for-nine-months manager, Charles Ofdensen. And then Nathan interrupts the super-sticky-sweet moment by screaming brutally...Damn you, Nathan Explosion and your scream-activated lights...Damn you to Hell...

A billion, trillion, gillion, krillion Kewl-Kid points to the first person who can tell me what the smoke from Pickles's cigarette says!! Even though the points really don't matter, hur hur...

Metalocalypse Fan Art
boy, cfo, charles, dethklok, dreadlocks, drummer, foster, fun, manager, metalocalypse, ofdensen, pickles, redhead, smexy, smoke
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