Kozume Yumashi (Fan Art Portfolio) Transformers OC: Black Viper

Transformers OC: Black Viper

3rd TF OC doodle.

Black Viper, 2nd in Command of the Mini Seekers and the tallest of the group, standing at around 16 feet. He's the younger brother of Nellitron.

Viper keeps to himself most of the time but can be quite vocal when he wants to be. He speaks with an Australian accent and has a love of video games that rivals that of Silent Rage. He's pleasant to be around most of the time and can hold a decent conversation.

He transforms into a DW-21 Wind Slicer fighter jet as his primary alt mode, but his secondary alt mode is a modified 2000 Camaro (armor changes depending on what alt mode he transforms from). He's an exceptional fighter when it comes to aerial combat, but he's the fastest when it comes to ground combat, especially with his energon blades. He has a berserker mode similar to Silent Rage.

He has hyper regenerative abilities thanks to nanobots that infect his body but at the cost of more energy.

Unique among the mini seekers is Black Viper's venomous nature. Whenever energon is processed through his systems, a portion of it turns into a highly toxic, corrosive, acid-like substance that can eat away at just about anything. If he bites something like say, another Transformer...well...you get the idea. Mini Seekers and their creators seem to be immune to it to some degree, but the results can still be quite painful. (has no effect on himself)

Like Silent Rage, he's been known to cannibalize other mechs and enjoys gorging himself on their energon. The others think he's also eaten a few humans before, but no evidence has been found of such acts.

He's fiercely protective of all of his wingmates, especially his siblings.

Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara.

OCs and any original ideas (c) mine.

Transformers Fan Art
autobot, black, decepticon, mini, seeker, transformers, viper
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