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I can color again! :D Yay.
This is my OC Luli. :3 She's one of my favorites. xD This is how she looks when she's not drawn Chibi-ish.
I really like Luli's face in this picture. >w< I tried to color the skin slightly differently than I usually do. I also added a little bit of blue or grey to all the colors. :D I don't like how the sky-ish background came out. :/ And the coloring on the skirt-part of her dress is a little sloppy. >___>
By the way, I just noticed something: There's a moon in the background and Luli is one of the main character of my soon-to-be manga, Dreams. Moon? Dreams? Moonlit Dream? My username? AHAHAHA. Yeah. xD

Thanks for viewing, I hope you like it! ^_^

Dedicated to Zero Guardian because I couldn't make it in time for her Lolita Contest. >_< (I know this isn't exactly lolita, but it's kinda similar.)

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