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Ivy "Plant" Richards

Name: Ivy "Plant" Marie Richards

Age: 218 (Born April 25th, 1791 - turned January 16th 1810)

She is a transformed vampire that lives off of animals and rarely on humans.

Her power is a mental ability. She can read the minds of any and everyone. Not that she enjoys this power, she would rather not know what most others are thinking.

Generally she is a free spirit. She was born to a rather rich family in the late 1700s. She was the third child of five. She was born over 200 years ago but still keeps up with the times - she dyed her hair green and has a tatoo on her face. She loves the forest and everything in it, that is why she dyed her hair green, its a protest of environmental issues. She can be a pessimists a lot of the times and quiet sarcastic but that is way she likes it. She isn't bad or mean but she doesn't like to ber serious. She only talks around her own kind, rarely around humans - they fear her and she doesn't much care for them. Her personality is simple - Sweet (when she wants to be), calm and sometimes a loner. She seems complicated but she really isn't. She is that sidekick that everyone loves but can be shy and somewhat awkward.

Her fate is a live one.

The reason she is a vampire in the day is because this was orginally the design for a project in my art class XD Ignore the blue sky :D

Izzy (Lächeln)

Uh...sorry about the interesting impression. Apparently my music project came through on the scan XD

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