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;www; This is Red, please dont mistake him for Ash Ketchum LOLLLLL.

On Gold/Silver
After you finish the Johto Region, you get to go to the Old Kanto Region.
and you get to battle red >WW<
i never got there though LOL, my brother did on his silver [GBColor] though LOLL

and by the looks of things, it should be on the remake HGSS as well ^^

FAFHJDAHFSDFJSDF all the fanart of Red on pixiv is soooo hot LOLLL ;__; and i just ruined it with my Red LOLL. Dxxx FAILL at drawing men D;;;

pfft. so disappointed in SAI ;__; it crashed, when i was about to save it...
so i ended up loosing all the work on this from start to finish.

[just so happens, on this one,
i decided not to save it as i went since i knew i would finish in a bit anyway.
D; last time im ever doing that.
LOl so, The legendary SAI program which never crashes, crashed =___=.]

Lol anyway. I re-coloured it all over again D;
i couldnt leave it undone.
it felt like i was missing something inside me :C


Pokemon Fan Art
gold, heart, hgss, pokemon, red, silver, soul
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