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Death by Music
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Err, harp costume anyone? The idea Death by Music came to me when I had this ultimate headache and I felt like it's gonna burst and the music I was listening to didn't make it any better. Any music, even the classical didn't soothe the pain and that's when I felt... this must how death by music feels like. And in that half K.O'd stupor I grabbed my pencil and sketched this out. Harp because that's one of my favorite instruments to listen to.

But on to the character... she's supposed to be Nina but I feel like making this character her own. Harp girl, lol.
Details :
Red torn skirt, blue jacket pinned to a ruffley undershirt.
The headphones is nailed to her ears. The strings are tied around her left arm and some of the strings stitched to her back come out and connect to the harp's frame. Her mouth is sewn shut and her neck wound with the strings that connect to the harp. Her left arm is probably amputated but who knows maybe I was too lazy to complete it and... the harp is screwed to her left elbow while the other end of the harp is screwed into her left hip (can't see it from here, her flowy skirts hide all those). So imagine this as a Halloween costume. I bet no one can even move in this costume, haha.
I hope this follows the challenge's guidelines. :|

To Pasqua, for all your lovely dedications.:]

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death, halloween, harp, music, tricks and treats
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