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Make Music From Your Heart
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Guess who's back~? Ish mah prettyful musically talented eccentric pale skinned Setsunai~<3 XD (Yes she can change her pupils depending on the occasion and her hair is a piano. She's cool like that .3. She also has a billion outfits and sccesories which I have yet to show you guys) She seldom smiles, unless she gets high off music lmao Apparently her corset is supposed to be a guitar-violin XD I confuzzled a guitar hole with a violin, mushed 'em together to make a hybrid~ 8D (I was tired okay.. XD) hontou ni sumimasen, douka oyurushi kudasai~ OTL -gets shot by musicians-
I'm procrastinating my homework to post this lol
This started out as an unfinished sketch hybernating in my folder for months and decided to finish it up since there was a contest that I could put this to good use to p:
<3 I went to the Fiddler On the Roof performance yesterday (It was actor Topol's farewell tour, we will miss you Tevye~ ;A;) and it was kickass<3 >u< <3
Again, I'm sorry for being a ghost on here lately >A<; I'm sure nobody really
misses me or notices I'm otaku-dead anyway rofl so I'll be off now~ XD baibaiii<3333
ily<3 C:
Setsunai Melody (Decided to make Harmony her middle name cuz I feel like it XD) © RSRKingdomStars (me)

lineart & shading: pencil
color: OpenCanvas 1.1
edited with: Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5.5

Personal Fan Art
beauty, black, black and white, classic, emo, melody, music, piano, setsunai, setsunai melody, violin, white
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