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Ahhh, I'm such a freak. I made box art for my vocaloid!

Er... anyways, I think that vocaloids are supposed to have 'ne' (sound) in their name, but I couldn't fit it in properly anywhere. but hey, look at Kamui Gakupo. no 'ne' there!

I think she looks a little bit like megurine >_> Ah, also, just to let you know, this was not traced or edited from any of the existing vocaloid box art (but you can probably already tell that!). I simply decided to attempt to copy the same style.

Have some stats!:

Name: Kageki Rei (Beautiful opera)

Language: Japanese/ Latin

Operating System: Windows/ Mac OSX (the first Macintosh vocaloid!)

Genre: Classical, opera, symphonic metal

vocal classification: Spinto/ Lyric soprano

Code: OP (opera program)

colour: black

Age: 17-18

Height: 5'6"

Interests: Fine arts, Theater, high tea, and surprisingly enough, imageboard websites

Personality: generally mild-mannered and soft-spoken. she can be motherly and worrisome towards the other vocaloids. however, she tends to be rather temperamental.

signature item: shitake mushroom


-if you notice, vocaloid rei does not have a microphone. That's simply because I'm lazy Opera singers have such strong voices, they have no need to amplify further!

-I made Vocaloid Rei available for Macs because, well, I have a mac! My friends all own Miku's program, but naturally, I can't install it on my computer ._.


Sorry for the ultra-long biography...

Miku Hatsune Fan Art
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