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Starlight Hope
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=P Didn't I tell you guys that I'd submit at least SOMETHING for this long weekend?

This piccy was a gaia commission for FirePhoenix of GaiaOnline of his character, Aldris. I really really like how this came out considering the simplicity of the concept. There was a LOT of experimenting going on in this picture: the hair coloring, the pose, the outfit coloring(I tried Cherri-chan's new technique of soft cel-shading...and it came out alright sorta xD), the clouds were done a bit differently and so were the mountains at the bottom.
Oh and the star brushes...that wasn't added until the last minute randomly xD

I'm dedicating this to Cherri-chan(Cherryshock) because she's the one that suggested I try out this new coloring technique and gave me some pointers about it! So Cherri-chan, let me know how I did on my coloring xD

Aside from that there isn't that much to say about this xD I really am satisfied with the coloring for this despite all the experimenting~ I hope you guys like this and enjoy!!

Picture(c)Aragorn1014(me) and Riiya22 on Gaiaonline(me)
Aldris(c)FirePhoenix of Gaiaonline

Done in Photoshop Elements 5.0 with Wacom Intuos3 Tablet
Time: Alll weekend >.<

Take care everyone and enjoy!! Hug/fave/comment if you like it! *nods*

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