Fire Flower (Fan Art Portfolio) Avril Clementine all Cutsie Like!!

Avril Clementine all Cutsie Like!!

ALOHA EVERYBODY!! Eghh... this is the only productive fun thing I've done all week. *sighs* stupid hw... Well... I hope you enjoy this and maybe after all my hw tomorrow... I'LL COLOR IT!! yeahhh like that's gonna happen. *sighs* okay welll.... i think the host club probably just decided to dress Avril up. And if you didn't know... PSSTTT!! Avril's the one in the picture!! Yeah soo.... also if you didn't know which you probably didn't unless you're one of my stalkers.... Avril's my second Ouran Charrie.... I hope you like this... it didn't take me taht long but.... *shrugs* Pweese comment, hugg, and fave if you really wanna!! I luvff to hear from people about my stuff!! ((as anyone would right??)) Well... on to more stupid things like Homework.... Note: children, i'm not a good example!! Do your homework kids!! And eat your Veggies! ((I do eat all my veggies.... =3)) Honestly?? Wow... okay while i go see a doctor to sort out my issues.... i hope you enjoy this!!

~<3~Fire Flower~<3~

Ouran High School Host Club Fan Art
!!, adorable, all, avril, bows, clementine, club, colors, cute, cutsie, dress, fire, flower, freakin', glasses, high, host, like, no, ouran, school, uncolored
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