Kozume Yumashi (Fan Art Portfolio) Raptor Rangers

Raptor Rangers

A group of avian warriors that form the guild known as Blood Talon, but thanks to their overly eccentric leader, they are better known as the Raptor Rangers.

The leader of the group is Screech, a Western Screech Owl, followed by Doomsayer the Raven, Grinn the Peregrine Falcon, Gear the Golden Eagle, and Aquarius the Osprey.

Screech is the shortest and oldest of the group at age 32, though most of the time he acts like an 8 yr old and seems to lack common sense. He thinks he's super wise and smart since he's an owl, but that obviously doesn't apply to him. He has a supersonic scream which can destroy just about anything in its path.

Doomsayer, despite his name and looks, is actually quite friendly and even engages in play and pulling pranks on others. He lost his right eye due to hate crimes committed against him and his hair has started turning white from all the stress. He's quite intelligent, has the ability to warp all around the place, and prefers to use his claws to attack instead of an actual weapon. His strength rivals that of Gear. Age 23

Grinn is 25 years old and is the speed demon of the group. He's cocky, arrogant, a braggart, and won't ever pass up a chance to flaunt his abilities in front of people. The only person that can stand to be in the same room with him for more than a few minutes at a time is Doomsayer. When moving at high speeds, his body generates razor winds which he uses to slice through his opponents like butter.

Gear is a 27 year old grease monkey who loves to tinker on machines. If he finds something broken, he'll always try to make it into something better. He's the type of guy that everyone loves to be around and always puts others before himself. He has the highest amount of strength and endurance than anyone else on the team and wields an 800 lbs hammer as his weapon of choice.

Aquarius is the youngest of the group at age 19 who aspires to become the greatest fisherman in the world, but bouts of laziness keep him from reaching his goal. He's laid back and has an easygoing personality and has great insight on worldly things for one so young. He can control the water element and often uses it to aid him in his attacks, while his main weapon of choice is fishing line.

Raptor Rangers (c) mine.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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