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Wanted poster

more practice with photoshop, starting to get the hang of it. I tried to make it look like a wanted poster but failed. torn edges could've helped probably.
well, about this aside from the bad coloring.
This is my vampire boy Zylar, (some are familiar with him already X3). He became the most wanted man in his time at the age of...9! At first his killings were sorta like that of jack the ripper's. like no one could track him down, there was just random victims coming up with the same wounds leading to their deaths. He didn't make his big appearance until he killed the fuedal lord of his homeland which is the northernlands and he did it out of spite.
he did get caught but he managed to escape fairly easily.
What he is most famous for is being wanted at such a young age but also for his killing methods. He normally tears out everything vital in the neck and leaves it in mangled piles next to the dead body, also the neck is always licked clean of any blood. Yes, Zylar has a digusting appetite and ways of eating.
well the little words at the bottom if you can't read em says,
Name: Zylar A. Zakusan
Age: 9 yrs old
Sex: M
Hair: Black
Eyes: red, blue
Race: Vampire

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