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miyu sketch dump
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I needed a break from working on commissions and my mangas... so I did a chibi spree with my OC Miyu. one of my elementary raid girls... I accidently changed the sleeves of her school outfit XD I didnt notice untill I was half way done.

I'll probably do some of the other girls, Hyatt and Kimara... there is no story for them as of yet...

There is a title but no story. miyu has had a little side story however that I had made for my Scifi class in highschool.

there is a pic of her outfit for that story there. the one where she is sitting down.

and that little cat plushie thing is not a Moogle. it's just some random thing I gave her when I first made her a looong time ago.

poor girls. they are like my first oc's and I dont even have a story for them... One day I promise there will be one.

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chibi, elementary raid, miyu, reenigrl
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