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Ring Around the Rosy
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This is my entry for the challenge "Bloody Nursery Rhymes" by Ryuchu

I apologize if I offended anyone or went a little overboard on this o - o

you may think I spelled rosy or posy wrong....but it can be spelled different ways.

"Ring around the Rosy

Pocket full of Posy

Ashes, Ashes,

We all Fall Down"

"There was a plague that happened in the thirteenth century, it was called the Black Death, or Black Plague. So many people died that they thought it was the end of the world."

"Ring around the Rosy" is because one of the parts of the plague is that you would get rosy coloured sores all over your body, A pocket full of posy is because people would carry posies around to not smell the sickening scent of dead bodies everywhere.

Ashes Ashes we all fall down means the ashes from all the bodies being burned on pyres (because they bruned the bodies when they died). We all fall down is because they died."

wonderful for children, no? :3

-the girl in the middle's arms are being twisted and broken, just so ya know-

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Bloody Nursery Rhymes
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