reirei18 (Fan Art Portfolio) snow white - watercolor

snow white - watercolor

my version of snow white for a scale project..

i mean, it's obviously not snow white coz as far as i remember, snow white wears a blue and white dress and has black hair.. but the idea is snow white-inspired... the witch in the hood hands out *a supposed to be* a smaller apple for her while it appears to be bigger than snow white.. so yeh.. the apple was the main the scale.. other than their physique that's in total opposite and the hand was accidentally drawn larger *coz im poor with proportions* but im good at making excuses hahah.. so it's kinda like the witch has snow white in her hands.. having a huge hand makes snow white within the witch's grasp.. (did i say it right..? blah..)

as for the bg, another excuse.. i cant possibly say that im lazy to continue *but i was* so i just said that the witch is kinda like the influence that's why she's huge.. snow white can either take the apple or ignore.. but since the witch has a stronger presence in size, it gives off a different impact.. also, the idea of the witch that's kinda like dissolving/disappearing/appearing from the white space makes it look like it's not a real picture but something within snow white's fantasy/dream/whatever..... thats why she's an influence.. blaaah..~~~~

staedtler ergo soft triangular watercolour pencils.. *ugh*
arches watercolour paper 22x30
wip/wop here

Snow White Fan Art
reirei18, snow white
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