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Otaku Child

Alright. Before I get this explanation going, I shall warn you. This will be a full-on novel. xD So... go get yourself a cup of tea or something and please have a seat. I'll wait.

Done? Great. Anyways, moving ont the explanation.

Recently, I went out to Chapters [Book store, for those of you who did not know and / or could not guess. FAIL] and sought out to buy some manga. I had previously bought the first volume of God Child [Kaori Yuki <3], and decided that it was time for the second and third volumes[ Yes I know. .__. I'm SO behind! TT__TT There's like... EIGHT now. But I could only afford two at the time.] After reading them both in thirty minutes [I eat manga like nobody's business. xD; ], I decided to draw something pertaining to the series, but with a slight twist.
As the title gives away, this is supposed to be a cheesy cosplay of i.luv.kiba and I doing God Child's Cain and Mary Weather. I used the pose and clothing from the second volume's cover page, but tweaked it slightly [It took forever to sit there and look at the poor book back and forth to the paper for a full two hours. Someone needs to buy me a neck un-crinker. ._. Please?]. So there you have it. ^__^ Otaku Child.

Colleen didn't seem like a girly girl, but I was totally in love with the dress [I can picture her seeing this right now and coming to hunt me down with a meat cleaver. ._. I'm sorry! ;o; ], so I put her in a less girly colour. Oh, Rebel Princess, Colleen. xD As for my pants... I dunno what it is, but something SEVERELY bothers me about black on black. Maybe its the fact that, when I colour, it blends too much in. SO! Blue jeans, it was. xD

Anyways, due credit.

Poses, character similarity, and clothing © Kaori Yuki
People © themselves. xD

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