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Well now here's a shocker... Sophia is posting art.

So Soji you remember that art trade we had a realllllllllly long time ago???
.... Well here is my half. xD *is shot to death for super super lateness*

So I really failed on this one. I tried yet again to do shading on clothing and it failed... even worse than last time. And I wasn't sure how to do his pants so it just ended up looking stupid. Not to mention that the pose is really uncool and I had no idea what I was doing apparently.
Okay I guess that is enough bashing myself for now.

Well over all I guess it came out kinda good... just be glad I finally drew something. lolz I thought I would never get back into it.
So after this I have tons of presents I have to do from either missed birthdays or because some people just deserve one. And I want to draw some OCs of my own, liiiike Jamison and Lexi, I haven't forgotten about my two lovely darlings. xDDD lolz So yeah let’s see how fast I can get those done

Well Soji I hope Tris doesn't look to terribly bad and that maybe some of you peoples out there may actually like it... I hope. xD

I'm out for now.

Oh! Did anyone realize that tomorrow is the 4th of July? haha I just picked that up today and my family is the ones that have the huge party each year. xDDDD

Triskix (c) SojiRem
art (c) me

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
fire, soji, sojirem, triskix
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