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Did it for love
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Well, this is for the Absolute Power Crossover challenge; it's Jareth from 'Labryrinth' and the Count from 'Gankutsuou'. I did touch this up in Paintshop after scanning it because I wanted it to be rather gloomy looking; both these characters are like that. The title stems from the fact that both of them manipulated the worlds around them because of love: Jareth for Sarah and the Count for . . . Well, his was revenge because his love had been thwarted, but close enough. I touched up their shirts to make them snowy-white because they still had that little bit about them that made them not wholly bad. (Admit it, who hasn't watched 'Labyrinth' and rooted for Jareth to win Sarah?)

The Count was easy enough to draw especially since I didn't feel the need to go ahead with small details like folds in the fabric and such. Jareth was trickier as he is live-action (and don't get me started on those tights.) His staff, in case you can't tell or have forgotten is actually a microphone on a long stand and I tried to do the pendant he wears. Seriously, I was winging it on him and hope I captured a little of David Bowie's hotness from that film.

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Absolute Power Crossover Challenge
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