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Vongola In Wonderland
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I was suppose to finish this last week but I had to delay it because of my family life LMAO!~ I am in a Reborn! Phase. I CANT GET OUT OF IT! If I don’t get the latest reborn chapter soon I am going to blow up >.<”

So ya…. Here is Hibari and Tsuna from Reborn for those who can’t tell. I know… it doesn’t look like them… I FAIL AT Reborn art LOL. Got inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It was going to be Cinderella but I changed it at the last minute. Tuna looks so cute in a dress HAHA! What is wrong with me? Putting boys in dresses LOL. Hibari is the white rabbit. *touch bunnie ears* I love this pairing… actually… I love all pairings as long as Tsuna is the uke <3

Hmmm…. I tried using a new palette and for some reason it turned out better than I though. Maybe I should try a lighter palette next time.

If I were to make this as a print for my shop would anyone buy it?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fan Art
18, 1827, 27, alice, boys, hibari, hitman, juu, katekyo, kyoya, reborn, sawada, tsuna, tsunayoshi, wonderland, yuki
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