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finall form mint
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okay Im finally clear up everything about Mint...
Cause no one understands her storye XD

Everyone knows what kindgoms hearts is
well... you know how most seystem and crap have a CORE?
Apple core... :B
Mint Is the center core of kingdom hearts (haha fail)
(BTW the explains why her hair is pink)
Mint+heart=pink :P

anyways it was SO powerful (when the nobodys first made it)
She landed somewheres in a diffrent world (its her home world)
She tolk the form of a baby and two peoples (mom and dad? XD)
adopted her....Kinda..
anyways she grew up thinking those peoples where her parents
(BTW if anyone remebers Kiki then I should tell you there not sisters by blood :/ cause mints adopterd kiki isint)

anyways latter on... in the orgenizeation 13
They had created a full core again from what was left of mint when she disapered... (remember she never really had proper form)
anyways this core broke free (DASHAVOO!)
and became a nobody with grahicly turned into a humen girl
who they named madison
(BTW KH dosent need a core anymore...)

back to mints world! :D
mint is about 5 and kiki is 4
Mint ends up meeting kaji at a playground when he was getting bullyed
Then they became friend! :D
Warning This contains death
Mint age 7 and kiki age 6 1/2
where playing pass da ball when it rolled off into the street
and kiki followd after it.... and a truck came and............
Anyways kiki is now in the hospitle in a coma
mint came to visit everyday but she only got worst and fianlly on her
last visit kiki dieds with her sister holding her hand
but anyways mint is completly broken up about this
and one day runs down to her basement to cry with her kitty fallowing her
But then something happends....
her hand starts to glow and everything blanks out
Okay you see mint being a part of kningdom hearts gives her the abilaty to have more then one heart sence KH only perpouse really is to take peoples hearts so yeah...
anyways not realizing what she did she turns around to see her kitty
with wings and a ring tail
so this is basicly what happed mint tolk kikis heart while she was in the hospital she got to upset and put her sisters heart into her cats body

of course mint kept this a secret from her parents
But non the less
She bagane smileing again and at age 16 her and kaji wint to a school prom
but what do ya know the building they where in blows its roof off
and sudenly everything gose into madness
Mint and kaji escape but dont get to far
They are soon stoped by a girl with purple hair holding a syth
Warning:more death!
so the kaji gets killed right in front of mint to... :C
So she runs at her in anger but get the crap beet outta her
shes in a pile of rubble when she looks up but only hears a loud
ring the suddenly her eye begines to hurt
when it starts bleeding all together
Madison laughs and says it would be better then death...
(so basicly she can only cry blood now)
anyways she then learns the truth about her family and how she was Adopted
(BTW her parents where killed the day kaji was... she never stayed for the funarules *SP*)
so anyways her and kiki are taken to her "grandparenrts"
but she dosent stay long
She runs away with kiki to find out her REAL past
Then she meets everyone else...
at first she wouldent smile but rei kiki roxian rain suki and soyoko
end up getting to feel feelings
but... remeber she IS a big part of kingdom hearts...
and everyone wants to destroy her soo......
yeah... they do kill her in the end and finalle form comes to them
(mint has 4 forms BTW)
then she says she'll be happy with kaji and disapers...
and dies... sad I KNOW! D:
but thats when KH4 comes in where shes reborn as a killer! >:D..
wow that was long! XD

hope that made sence! :X

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