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A Hero's Tale

Haha. More fanart. XD It features Wang Yao (China) again. It doesn't really take a genius to figure out who my favourite character is, I guess. Or maybe it's just nationalism, since Malaysia isn't in there (yet). LOL I'd probably be drawing him/her as much too.

I've been fascinated with the idea of a younger, more powerful China for a while now. I mean, there were so many wars in the country, and at one point of time, China was so powerful that they were practically the center of the world.

I read a powerful doujinshi regarding the Opium War a while ago, and basically, I modelled after the younger version of Wang Yao after the one in there. >_>

This is kind of a sketch-ish thing. It was more of an idea that needed to be done, which is probably why the mountains are all half-assed. XD I feel extremely ashamed about the dragon pattern on the back of his shirt. >_> I'm terrible at drawing dragons, and I didn't have time to get a proper reference picture, so I had to draw it freehand. -___-;; Sketching a dragon, especially for something as small as that, would have taken up way too much time.

There are faint Chinese words on the picture, which read: "英雄传", which pretty much translates to "hero's story", thus the title. XD

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
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