KiKaiya (Fan Art Portfolio) Aidex and Nyx

Aidex and Nyx

This is for Sojirem's world Organization Oblivion.

This is Nyx (My Oc) from Organization Oblivion and one of Sojirem's Oc, Aidex.
Aidex is the apprentice of Nyx in the story.

Name: Nyx
Gender: Female
Number: IV
Height: 5" 6'
Age: 19
Weight: 137 lbs.
Hair color: Light brown(red&blonde hightlights) with darker bangs
Hair style: Long bangs in the front (Passed her shoulders) with the rest of the hair to mid back.
Eye color: Bright Green (Right eye has a splash of blue though)
Skin: Pale w/ wispy tattoos across her shoulders and down her back
Best Friends from the Past: Lexian, Triskix, RaXi, and Xemmsur
Element: Light (Even though she likes the dark the best.)
Cloths: Loves the color black (but her Element is light. lol) Black combat boots, with black/red crossed chained pants. Usually wears an emerald colored long sleeved shirt, with a long meshed covered black top.-Old Pic- Plus the Organization 13 cloak.
Personality: She's sometimes shy around people she doesn’t know. Loves music with a passion can also be kinda random. Can usually find her drawing or kidding around with her friends. Has a stuff vampire panda (really cute/demented) in her room that her friend got her as a kid.

Dedication to:

The Organization Oblivion Members,
SojiRem for the world and the character Aidex. 8D

Category Fan Art
aidex, apprentices, nyx, organization oblivion, organization zero
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