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Leluh and her boys. "vasilis on the string , tohro with his loli , and may on the shoulder" doing the trust exercise.
I did this out of nowhere and purely on computer. NO scan ins. Kind of surprise I can do it with a semi broken tablet and tiny one at that. I now realize what the bigger ones are for. Well I knew before. But now that I got the drawing on computer experience it changed my mind completely. I wouldn't mind doing this again. It was actually fun.

Sad thing is I learned that drawing on a higher res would be better But since I didn't really plan this I did it on the res its on now <<. Tis why lines are bold and maybe blurry. I know stupid of me. But you learn from your mistakes

This is going to be used for my journal.

Most fun: was the lace and the hands ^^ and the coloring of leluh. The hands were easier. What a shock. Maybe im getting a little better with them XD. And im getting closer to the skin tone of leluh.

Least fun: Doing details in the chibis clothes knowing it would be frustrating on the res its on now <<.

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