RSRKingdomStars (Fan Art Portfolio) Kodomo No Hi .2009/ 05/ 05.

Kodomo No Hi .2009/ 05/ 05.
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Children's Day! <3

Today is May 5, the 5th day of the 5th month, also the release date for the 5th and final book of the PJatO series by Rick Riordan. C: Go go! *trying to be optimistic, fails*

This is Sayoko as a child. XD I kinda rushed it to make it on time tho. @[email protected]; I'm rly upset I couldn't take my time on a children's day pic. ;u; *stabs homework*

I promise I'll get ur b-day pic up soon Stumpy TwT and omg, I missed Adam's B-day D: *cries in emo corner* This week is homework infested too. TAT I'm really physically and mentally exhausted right now, plus it's friggin' 90-somethin' degrees in here, and I have no A.C., just a crappy fan. :S
I wish I could say more but it's getting late here (just finished my homework >_<; I had to miss my sister's violin recital today becuz of the homework, srsly, this sucks rotten cheese balls... homework kills family time and happiness)

ily, hope to talk to u guys again soon~

Sayoko © RSRKingdomStars (me)
- pen, RoseArt colored oencil (for hair), watercolors (that my good friend gave me >u<) OpenCanvas 1.1 for skin, and PhotoStudio 5.5 for BG. ^^
-sakura stamps from artneko and

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
ã£&Atild, blue, cherry blossom, child, children, children's day, fish, kimono, kodomo, kodomo no hi, koi, may 5, sakura, sayoko
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